Perl to please the client mind

When is information too much information? Well, if you work with data, probably never. But, clients and research report writers often need summarised information ready and waiting for KPI and ROI purposes. In our previous post, we created this informative report of which quote contained the most words in ascending order. All well and good.Continue reading “Perl to please the client mind”

Adventures in Perl part 4

Delete your duplicates Welcome to part 4. In the previous posts we looked at how to inspect the validity of a CSV file, how to determine if it fits nicely in a spreadsheet, check whether it will create more columns than needed. Also, we wrote some simple conditions to check year and rating. We thenContinue reading “Adventures in Perl part 4”

Adventures in Perl part 1

The CSV file – quotes and terminators – does my spreadsheet look good? There’s no getting away from the CSV file; readable in text editors and spreadsheets on Mac, Windows and Linux. Spreadsheets being the most popular method to read CSV files is hardly surprising. Open up Excel or LibreOffice Calc and we get tidy,Continue reading “Adventures in Perl part 1”