Right Place Right Name::Space – Stick to the Road

In order for a Perl script to find its required subroutine or subroutines in a build your own module, there are a few caveats to take into account. There are a number of modules that can replace the need to write ‘use lib’, and that’s fine. You could add any pathways that home grown modulesContinue reading “Right Place Right Name::Space – Stick to the Road”

Perl to please the client mind

When is information too much information? Well, if you work with data, probably never. But, clients and research report writers often need summarised information ready and waiting for KPI and ROI purposes. In our previous post, we created this informative report of which quote contained the most words in ascending order. All well and good.Continue reading “Perl to please the client mind”

Adventures in Perl part 3

Data duplication or not duplication… that is the question In parts 1 and 2 we looked at messy CSV data and how to identify it with Perl. We’ve been using a small CSV file so we can actually see its entire contents; the good, the bad, and the ugly lines – and how Perl canContinue reading “Adventures in Perl part 3”

Adventures in Perl part 2

The CSV file – Trust No One That’s right. Do as Fox Mulder from The X-Files would do. When you are handed a CSV file, don’t trust it. I once merrily loaded sports data into a system taking it at face value, only to discover that an individual whose swim lap times could rival MichaelContinue reading “Adventures in Perl part 2”